Nutritional Tips for Your Kid Before Pe Activities

The health of the children is the highest priority of any parent. Healthy eating brings about good exercise habits and it is very important for the development and building of muscles. And regular exercise in means of sport and PE activities are very beneficial for the health of any child.
Nutrition plays a vital role in the daily energy levels by keeping them high during PE activities and afterward.
Here are some tips to follow to boost up the energy of your kid before such activities.

1. Hydration

Always encourage your child you know to drink lots of fluids and water. During games and activities, the body sweats and cools itself and this is very important for kids and teens as their bodies could heat up very easily and needs to be cooled.
This is where hydration is important. For this, the kids can drink about 400-600 ML of water before two or three hours of activity.
An easy indicator of hydration level is the color of urine. The lighter the color, the more hydrated you are and darker means they need more fluids and water.
Soda and caffeine could cause dehydration along with sweet and salty food. So, do not give these types of food before such activities as they need to be made up with extra water intake.

2. Meals and snacks before the activities

Your child should have the sufficient level of energy and fuel for the activities. For this, they should eat their meals about 3 hours before their physical activity. This could be followed by a snack which would be given about 2 hours before the activity which would give them the time to digest the food and minimize the chance of upset stomachs.

3. Choose the right nutrition for your kid.

Nutrition plays an importance here when choosing the meals. Choose foods that are high in carbohydrates as the body absorbs these types of energy fast. This includes fruits and whole grains.
Foods which have low fiber are also a good choice as they allow to have easy digestion and minimize the chance of an upset stomach.
Choose foods that have moderate amounts of fats and proteins.
And choose foods that your kid has tried before. It is not advisable to give a new food on a day like this. Keep the new taste for another day when your kid does not have to practice or compete in any physical activity.